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Week 6 – Assignment 3: Exploring Digital Solutions

Please click on the link below to view my web presentation on my exploration with my selected tools that are appropriate for solving the instructional problem I explained in Assignment 2.


For those who were wanting to view my presentation at their own pace, please see the pdf version before.  Thanks 🙂





Week 6 – Activity 1: Connect with a Classmate


Week 7: Models and Barriers to Adoption and Integration – Activity 1: The Diffusion Simulation Game

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my presentation. I love the concept and what a flipped classroom offers. However, I am currently not teaching, so I have not literally tried this with a group of students. I am taking this course along with some others to gain my license to teach here in Canada. However, I do believe that through my prior years of teaching experience, if I was to incorporate it into my classroom it would be a great activity that would indeed prompt more participation/interaction within my class. The disadvantage would be not having all students gaining access to the content before class due to not having computers at home. I taught in a rural school in my country of birth and some students didn’t have computers at home. However, I could work around this issue by, encouraging students to stay after school and give them access to the computer room, so that those who don’t have the ability to view the content at home could do so before the class session in which I intend to teach a particular concept.

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