A key beneficial aspect of digital learning is “Interactivity.” Technology provides many opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate. – Gonzalez, E. 2009.

There are a number of resources that are accessible to the public to integrate in one’s lesson.  However, being aware of the copyright, trademark, or patent laws must be taken into consideration when obtaining your resources.  

For my technology integrated activity the resources I need are:

  1. Imagines – clip arts  of simple machines will be used to promote interactive activities among my students.
  2.  Video Resources – a selection of YouTube videos will be viewed that meet the requirements to assist in obtaining my desired objectives for my students.  A compilation of short videos will be selected to upload as part of my flipped classroom.
  3. Documents – the students text books and also resources found through the digital library will be used to engage students in group activities.
  4. Interactive Activities – words and short phrases written on flashcards will be used to foster treasure a hunt game.  These will also be used to promote word recognition skills, as well as to build vocabulary.

The resources were found through search techniques in Google engine, YouTube website and Creative Common tool.  These websites are public domains and as such are not protected by intellectual property laws and are also UDL friendly.


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