My video was created using PowerPoint and is intended to be used as a welcome video for my students at the start of the academic year.  However, since it was created using PowerPoint it can be tweaked and used as an introductory activity for a given lesson or to incorporate into a Technology Integrated Activity (this is not the planned scenario in my case).

Inserted Pictures Source: Creative Commons

Suggestion to Increase Teachers Presence

  • Make your Presence Felt – this can be done by checking in and up on your students on a regular basis so that they feel important and not left out in the online world of content delivery.
  • Be Actively Involved – have your presentations organized and be knowledgeable of the content your are presenting, so that you do not come across to your students as uncertain.
  • Be Engaged – provide evidence that you are engaged and interested in your students’ learning and achievement.  This can be done through posting of videos and photos on the discussion board, provide timely feedback and act as a facilitator and support system rather than an absent figure who is always in the hiding.